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  • All of My Burdens4:09
  • Heavenly Choir8:59
  • You Better Mind2:49
  • Our God Strong And Mighty [282]4:49
  • The Lord Will Make A Way7:06
  • You Got To Move4:44
  • You Are Welcome Here [16]6:04
  • Let Me Lean On You5:18
  • I've Got My Ticket3:12
  • Trouble In My Way4:06
  • When The Gates Swing Open [275]6:08
  • He Could Have Let Me Drown [269]5:59
  • Old School Blvd (I Need Thee, Shine on Me)6:01
  • If It Ain't One Thing 2:55
  • He Rescued Me5:46
  • Oh, Oh, Give Thanks2:04
  • Help Me Praise Him4:55
  • He Saw The Best In Me [221]6:02
  • Marvelous Things [182]5:49
  • Take Me To The King [265]5:08

point average in Higher Accounting and was awarded the Outstanding Accounting Award for maintaining a straight “A” average in his studies. 

Based upon his pastoral experience and previous educational training Rev. Ruffin was accepted into the Accelerated Masters of Theology degree program at Oral Roberts School of Theology in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He studied in this program from 1990 to 1992.  August 29, 2011, the Board of Directors of the Fellowship Bible Institute conferred upon him a Doctorate of Ministry degree in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rev. Ruffin has been employed at the United States Post Office as a Post Office Clerk and as Administrative Chief Accountant and Business Manager for The Ford Distributing Company in Oklahoma City, Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center, Spencer, Oklahoma and Zimmer-Hoffman Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He and his wife also started Ruffin Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Services.  He has been Owner and Operator of this business since 1960.

At Israel Chapel CME Church he served in many capacities such as the Sunday School Superintendent and teacher; member of the Trustee Board and as the Recording Steward.  He became licensed to preach in October, 1975 as a local minister in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and an ordained minister in full connection July 1977 in the Oklahoma Muskogee Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  Rev. Ruffin was assigned his first pastoral appointment in 1976.  He was appointed to serve as pastor of Amos Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Boley, Oklahoma. In 1983-1992 he was appointed to serve at Amos Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was last appointed to serve as pastor of St. Mary’s Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he served from 1992 to 2011. He is currently a retired minister of the CME Church.

God called home to glory his first wife; however, God blessed him to be reunited in Holy Matrimony to Sister Deloris Russell Jordan as his faithful companion and to continue working for the Lord as faithful and dedicated servants in the local church as the Pastor and first lady of St. Mary’s Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the Oklahoma City District and the Oklahoma Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. 

In the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church he serves as the Oklahoma Regional Conference Statistician and Chair of the Oklahoma Regional Conference Abstracts and Deeds.  He has served several years as the Director of Evangelism for the Oklahoma Region, been elected six times as a Delegate to the General Conference for Oklahoma Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006) and elected once as an Alternate to the General Conference for Oklahoma Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in 2010.  He has previously served as the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Oklahoma City District CME Ministerial Alliance. 

While raising his family he was an ardent worker in the church, public school system and the community.  He was a member of the Dunjee Elementary/High School Parent Teachers Association.  He served as secretary of the Dunjee High School Athletic Booster Club and was a member of the Dunjee Neighborhood Development Association. This group was instrumental in getting many community initiative services and projects started in the neighborhood.  

Rev. Ruffin was one of the Organizers and served as the Vice President of the Boyd High School Reunion Committee (Frederick, Oklahoma).  He is a 32 degree Masonic Mason and a member of the Advanced Lodge, # 17.  He served as Worship Master for four years and several years as secretary.  He is a former member of the Silver Moon Lodge in Spencer, Oklahoma. 

He has been the recipient of several awards such as the Boyd High School Alumni Humanitarian Award, the Department of Lay Ministry Recognition and Appreciation Award from the Oklahoma Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the 2010 Martin Luther King Elementary School Volunteer Appreciation Award and a Citation of Congratulation from the State of Oklahoma by Representative Seneca Scott of the Oklahoma House of Representative, District 72.

Rev. Thomas Eugene Ruffin was born April 24, 1933 in Frederick, Oklahoma to Lonnie and Jessie Mae Ruffin. He was raised by his grandparents, Sam and Emma Lewis. He is a graduate of Boyd High School in Frederick, Oklahoma.  After graduation he was united in Holy Matrimony to Lorine Kaye Lang Ruffin.  He was drafted to serve in the United States Army and was honorably discharged in 1955.  He went on to become a student at Langston University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a minor in Mathematics and was on the honor roll for two straight semesters.

After completing two years at Langston University he moved back to Oklahoma City and enrolled in Accounting at the University of Oklahoma for a year. He later enrolled in Draughon School of Business in Oklahoma City, and successfully completed this business program while working at night as a Surgical Unit Clerk at Saint Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City to support his family. He is a graduated from Draughon with a 4.00 grade

Rev. Thomas E. Ruffin,

Pastor Emeritus