Ushers President Leadership Award on August 21, 2011. I love the Lord, and I love serving Him where and in any way that I can. My favorite scripture is Psalms 91. To God be the glory!

I have been a member of St. Mary’s since 1987.  St. Mary’s is a warm and loving place to worship.  As a member, I have had the honor of serving in several different capacities.  Currently, I am the Church Treasurer, Sunday School Superintendent, and a member of the choir.  In the past, I have taught the Young Adult Sunday School classes and served as Young Adult President.  One of my favorite scriptures is 1John 4:4.

Loretta Fort
Church Treasurer
Sunday School Superintendent

Dr. Michael L. Adams, DDS

Chairperson of the Trustee Board

Rena M. Hurd

President of Stewardesses Board
Secretary of Women’s Missionary Society

I have been a member of St. Mary’s CME Church since 1982, and I am a practicing general dentist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since joining St. Mary’s I have served on the Steward Board for a number of years while singing tenor and often leading songs in St. Mary’s Choir. Currently, I am humbly serving as Chairman of the Trustee Board, helping to manage the church’s assets. I attend Sunday School to learn God’s Word and Promises. My favorite scripture is Isaiah 41:10. I am ever thankful to be saved, realizing that God is not through with me yet.

Regina D. Taylor-Brock

Chairperson of Steward Board

President Of Usher Ministry

I have been a member of St. Mary's since 1983. Currently, I am the President of the Usher Ministry and the Chairperson of the Steward Board. I have been President of the Ushers since 2006, and have just recently assumed the leadership challenges of the Steward Board in 2012. I have also served as the youth usher sponsor and correspondence secretary for the  City  Wide  Usher  Ministry  of  Oklahoma  City.  I received the City Wide

Church Officers


Worship With Us

  • All of My Burdens4:09
  • Heavenly Choir8:59
  • You Better Mind2:49
  • Our God Strong And Mighty [282]4:49
  • The Lord Will Make A Way7:06
  • You Got To Move4:44
  • You Are Welcome Here [16]6:04
  • Let Me Lean On You5:18
  • I've Got My Ticket3:12
  • Trouble In My Way4:06
  • When The Gates Swing Open [275]6:08
  • He Could Have Let Me Drown [269]5:59
  • Old School Blvd (I Need Thee, Shine on Me)6:01
  • If It Ain't One Thing 2:55
  • He Rescued Me5:46
  • Oh, Oh, Give Thanks2:04
  • Help Me Praise Him4:55
  • He Saw The Best In Me [221]6:02
  • Marvelous Things [182]5:49
  • Take Me To The King [265]5:08

St. Mary’s operating funds and expenditures. My favorite scripture is Geneses 1:1. If you don’t believe this verse, you are likely to have some trouble with the rest of the Bible.

I am a retired Technical Training Specialist. I joined St. Mary’s in 1982, and then the choir. As a member of the choir I always enjoy singing 2nd Tenor and leading some of the gospel songs we sing. For several years I have served on the Steward Board, and operated as the St. Mary’s Newsletter editor. In March 2011, I was honored when St. Mary’s selected me as a Living Legend within our Christian Methodist Episcopal district.   Recently,  I  have  taken  on  the  challenge  of the Recording Steward, helping to manage

Melvin A. Arps

Recording Steward

I’ve been a member of St. Mary’s for many years, and have served in a number of official positions at the local, regional, and district conferences. Currently, I am president of the Stewardesses, and secretary of the Women’s Missionary Society. I am a Sunday School teacher and a member of the St. Mary’s Choir. I also help manage St. Mary’s benevolent funds. My favorite scriptures are Psalm 91 and Micah 6:8.