Worship With Us

  • All of My Burdens4:09
  • Heavenly Choir8:59
  • You Better Mind2:49
  • Our God Strong And Mighty [282]4:49
  • The Lord Will Make A Way7:06
  • You Got To Move4:44
  • You Are Welcome Here [16]6:04
  • Let Me Lean On You5:18
  • I've Got My Ticket3:12
  • Trouble In My Way4:06
  • When The Gates Swing Open [275]6:08
  • He Could Have Let Me Drown [269]5:59
  • Old School Blvd (I Need Thee, Shine on Me)6:01
  • If It Ain't One Thing 2:55
  • He Rescued Me5:46
  • Oh, Oh, Give Thanks2:04
  • Help Me Praise Him4:55
  • He Saw The Best In Me [221]6:02
  • Marvelous Things [182]5:49
  • Take Me To The King [265]5:08

Prayer & Bible Study

Tuesday       12:00 Noon

Wednesday   6:30 PM


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Let's Pray Now

Lord, thank you for this day. This is a day that I have never seen, felt, heard, or otherwise experienced before in my life. I pray that I don't waste it. I pray that I use this day, your resources, and your provisions to glorify your power and existence as my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You woke me up this morning, and for that reason alone I feel totally blessed and grateful. I pray that everything I do this day warrants your blessings and support. You have given me another chance to do better in my life... to obey your will... to treat my neighbors and enemies right... to be a friend to someone... to count my wonderful blessings... to pray for others... and help others seek your salvation. Lord, please come into my heart and forgive me for all the things that I have done wrong, and I will praise you and your name forever. You are worthy to be praised.

We all need Prayer... ...

Prayer Changes Things!